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Visualization is a way of presenting any existing or design of the object using computer graphics. View an object that is not already actually or is in progress. We can put it in the right scenery, arrangement, which allows us to see the final effect on the visualization before
completion of the investment. It is an excellent solution for designers,
furniture manufacturers, architects, developers.

I offer to make a visualization:

– single-family houses
– settlements
– commercial and sports facilities
– façade of houses and other objects
– hard and upholstered furniture
– kitchen
– interior
– salons
– bathrooms
– paving stones

I also offer:

– comprehensive development projects
– creating 3D solid models
– 360° panoramic photos
– audio advertising spots – video
– 3D animations
– websites

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During my many years of professional work, I was trusted by companies such as:


Kitchen 3D Visualizations images:

3D Visualizations of houses, estates and facades:

3D Visualizations of furniture:


I make 3D models and realistic visualizations of all products based on photos, sketches, drawings and projects.
Visualizations for catalogs, websites, online auctions, etc.
I make full visualization packages, which include:

– 3D product model
– product in many color / texture variants
– product visualization on a white background
– visualization of the object in the scenery, arrangement

One example:

Other examples:


Realistic visualization of the facades and houses.

I offer a 3D model of the house and a realistic one visualization of the object and its surroundings. The 3D model allows you to see all four sides home from any point. Elevation designs are created on the basis of the photos sent,
house drawings or designs, which allows you to create a visualization of existing houses as well as those under construction and before construction begins. Facade visualizations are created after consultation with the client so that I know your taste, expectations and the budget they want You spend on design and execution. Visualization of the facade is a perfect solution before starting an expensive investment, which is certainly the facade of the house.
It is possible to make changes at every stage of creating a photorealistic visualization which will avoid unnecessary costs when making the facade of the house.

I make a visualization of a house with its surroundings, interior design and development plans for apartments and houses for developers.


Thus, at this point I would like to encourage all those interested to contact me.

email: piotr@grafik3d.eu

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